CV-1.0X: Introduction to Computer Vision

Course Details

Course Details

This is an introductory course for computer vision, covering core fundamentals in detail. The programming language used in the course is Python/C++. 

Course Structure

This course was developed in collaboration with Swaayatt Robots, and thus the introductory lectures cover autonomous driving and robotics to provide an introduction to computer vision and its application to those respective fields at large.

Earlier Offering

This course was initially offered as a first module of the Introduction to Robotics and Visual Navigation course (RO-1.0X). It covers more computer vision topics than the earlier RO-1.0X Module-1, and serves as a standalone foundational computer vision course. 


  • Basic Python / C++ Programming

  • Basic Linear Algebra and Calculus

Course Highlights

  •  Library independent algorithm implementation

  •  Covers core mathematics fundamentals

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1. Perception: Indoor and Outdoor

2. Mapping and Localization

1. Sensors: LiDARs and Cameras, RADAR (not so much)

2. Images and Image Channels

3. Color Spaces

1. Different Noise Models

1. Spatial vs Frequency Domain

2. Spatial Domain Processing

3. Histogram Equalization: Motivation and Algorithm

4. Adaptive Histogram Equalization


1. Image Smoothing

2. Morphological Operations: Erosion, Dilation, Opening, Closing

3. Morphological Image Smoothing

4. Image Smoothing with Edge Preservation

5. Edge Detection

1. Corner Detectors

2. Blob Detectors

3. Image Descriptors

1. Epipolar Geometry

2. Feature Matching

3. RANSAC for Robust Feature Matching

1. Super Pixel Methods

2. K-Means Clustering

3. Kernel Density Estimation

4. Mean-Shift Clustering

5. Graph Based Methods

1. Hough Transform (confirmed)

2. Hough Transform: Lane Detection (confirmed)

3. Optical Flow (not confirmed)

4. Reverse Optical Flow Application: Road Detection (not confirmed)


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This course has 20+ assignments.

Almost every topic will have at least one assignment in the course.

  • Instructor’s Name

    Sanjeev Sharma
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  • Fee: India

          ₹ 65000
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    ₹ 70000
  • First Offered:

    RO1.0X (2020)
  • Current Status:

    Starts From 12th Dec
  • Expected Course Engagement

    10-15 Hrs/Week